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When Dreams Die

Book 4 of the Vadelah Chronicles

Sometimes love is more about dying than winning.



When Dreams Die Cover
Back on Arana and healing from his deep wounds, David Decker struggles to resume a normal life.

But what is normal? He feels strangely adrift, uncertain how to prepare for the coming terror foretold in his nightmares. And then there is the issue of marriage. If he is ever to find a wife, he must return to Earth.

There he will learn a painful lesson on letting dreams dieā€¦and letting God surprise him. With great love comes the potential for great pain.

When Dreams Die Addicting. Book 4 of The Vadelah Chronicles

When Dreams Die (Book 4)

junior great books Where do you go when your hope is crushed?
ISBN 978-0-9796413-0-5 Do you really know what love is?

Price: $ 10.95
  S&H:   $   3.95

Length: 301 pages
Age- Youth to Adult
ISBN 978-0-9796413-0-5


When Dreams Die and all the Vadelah Chronicles are junior great books

The Sequel to When Dreams Die is The Defender

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