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Vashua's Messenger

Book 2 of the Vadelah Chronicles

A reluctant messenger is charged with bringing the greatest message of all time.



Vashua's Messenger Cover

Would you risk your life to take a message of hope to your enemies?

David Decker nearly got killed during his stay on Arana, and that was a friendly planet. Now he must go to three hostile worlds that are sworn enemies to everything he holds dear. Will anyone listen to him? He knows one thing for certain: his message has the power to heal their lives or stir up their murderous rage

Vashua's Messenger so intensely riveting.Book 2 of The Vadelah Chronicles

Vashua's Messenger (Book 2)

Christian fiction books Will David survive or die a martyr in his lonely quest?
Book 2 of The Vadelah Chronicles Would you volunteer for a mission you didn't expect to survive?

Vashua’s Messenger should be on your list of Christian fiction books.

Because we are made in the image of our Creator, we should be creative! That means Christians should be expanding into various arts and writing genres. Rollins is doing that by entering the science fiction arena with a book that is open and unashamed about its Christian point of view.

But such a book isn’t doomed to be dull or awkward! Rollins keeps the action going as she makes her points eloquently about sin and redemption. The reader is confronted with the failings of our own world through the settings of interesting alien cultures. The Christian themes are not an add-on, but are deeply woven into the central plot. Remove the Christian elements and the whole story will disintegrate into meaningless fragments. This encouraging science fiction novel is a rare find in the sea of Christian fiction books.

Price: $ 10.95
  S&H:   $   3.95

Length: 230 pages
Age: Youth to Adult
ISBN 1-55306-941-2

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Vashua's Messenger should be on your list of Christian Fiction Books

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