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The Defender

Book 5 of the Vadelah Chronicles

David Decker is about to learn something new about himself and his calling.



The Defender Cover

David Decker and his friends must fight for their lives, braving a “botched” rescue mission, vicious beasts, and a mel-hanor invasion. On top of that, David knows the phantera are testing him, watching his every move. Why?

They won’t tell him and Gyra insists it’s for David’s own good. Before the dust settles, David will lose a friend and find an ancient phantera artifact: a key to his future and identity.

The Defendergets your imagination flying Book 5 of The Vadelah Chronicles

The Defender (Book 5)

100 greatest books What are the phantera looking for?
great books for boys Would you face a war host alone if it was the only way to save the people you love?

The Vadelah Chronicles are great books for boys!

Are you looking for a story to capture the heart and mind of your son? The Vadelah Chronicles are great books for boys! True, girls like them too, but it’s usually harder to get boys to sit down and read a good book. The Defender has fast action, mystery and high adventure. If your son liked Star Wars, he’ll love The Vadelah Chronicles. Good is good and evil is definitely evil.

Are there moral absolutes? Absolutely! And some beliefs are worth dying for. These books don’t pussyfoot around. They are bold for the truth. Our society needs more men who will have the courage to do what’s right in spite of the consequences. These 100 greatest books will inspire them to do hard things and follow God’s path, even when it leads them through the dangerous valleys of life.

Price: $ 10.95
  S&H:   $   3.95

Length: 317 pages
Age- Great Books for Boys
ISBN 978-0-9796413-2-9


The Defender, along with all the Vadelah Chronicles should be on you list of of 100 greatest books to read.

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The Defender - Book 5: The Defender

The Defender
Book 5