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Meet Author Julie Rollins

Julie Rollins Her imagination is amazing. christian fiction authors

One of the noteworthy Christian Fiction Authors

Julie Rollins resides in Washington State with her husband and their three daughters.

In addition to pursuing a career amongst christian fiction authors, her interests include canoeing, painting, fishing and raising ducks.

An active member of her local church, Julie Rollins has worn many hats. Her experience includes: leading worship with guitar, composing worship songs, leading a home group and painting sets for church plays.

After teaching in a Christian high school for eight years, her days are now full with homeschooling her children, serving in her church and writing uplifting Christian science fiction. She also designed and illustrated the covers on all her books.

Julie has a B.A. in Art and holds a commercial pilots rating.

Julie Rollins is one of today's up and coming christan fiction authors.

Between high school and college, I reached a crossroads. I could either ignore the faith of my childhood, or I could explore it, seeing if it would really stand up to the rigors of life.

Realizing the only thing holding me back from growing closer to God was myself, I decided to pursue Him in prayer, reading the whole Bible, and getting involved in church. My faith flourished.

I am simply using the science fiction genre to convey Christian truths and to explore certain possibilities within a solidly Christian worldview.

Science fiction is about taking the question “What if…” and running with it. The beauty of science fiction is that you can take a current moral issue, place it on another planet in an alien culture, and give people a fresh look at an issue we struggle with on our own world. In my writing, I present the simple gospel in a unique way to refresh and inspire my readers.

Julie Rollins, Author of The Vadelah Chronicles

Fans of the Vadelah Chronicles love Julie Rollins and appreciate her style.


Julie Rollins Author Julie Rollins draws upon her skills as an artist, licensed commercial pilot, musician, student of avian flight and Christian witness to bring a unique contribution: Science fiction with perceptive visions of universal cosmic struggles combined with superb imaginative but realistic characters immersed in high tech adventure accurately portrayed. Once commenced, I had great difficulty putting these stimulating and absorbing writings down. You, too, will enjoy being transported into her worlds of fantasy!christian fiction authors

- Dr. Will Davies, Surgeon, Torrance CA

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