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Blackwell's Wrath

Book 3 of the Vadelah Chronicles

What if home became the most dangerous place for you to visit?

Blackwell's Wrathsuitable for a wide range of audiences. Book 3 of The Vadelah Chronicles

Blackwell's Wrath cover

David and Gyra must return to face a nightmare-Earth.

They tremble at the pronouncement, but Rammar the Prophet has spoken: only David can sever Earth’s secret link with the dangerous mel-naharam, and Gyra must help him.

Who are the humans involved on Earth? How will David stop the contact? Will he come out alive? David doesn’t know. But Rammar has warned that David will suffer…greatly.

Blackwell's Wrath (Book 3)

sci fi fiction

How would you respond if you were interrogated for your faith?

sci fi bookclub Can you defend what you believe?

Blackwell’s Wrath is thrilling sci fi fiction.

Unlike some series that follow a predictable formula, the Vadelah Chronicles build on each other, taking surprising twists and turns. Characters grow and are changed by the decisions they make and the experiences that mark their lives. Rollins draws on many sources for her ideas: her knowledge science, true missionary stories, apologetics, social issues, and the Bible. She weaves these things into her book so they flow naturally through the story, enriching it greatly.

Like the authors of most great works of sci fi fiction, Rollins knows that the more true-to-life elements incorporated into a novel, the better the story. She understands the Christian’s mind of faith and the skeptic’s mind of objections. Rollins shows faith where it truly shines: in times of peril and persecution.

Blackwell’s Wrath makes a great addition to your personal library, both as a Christian Fiction book and a sci fi fiction book.

Price: $ 10.95  
  S&H:    $   3.95

Length: 232 pages
Age: Youth to Adult

ISBN 978-0-9796413-0-5


Blackwell's Wrath is thrilling Sci Fi Fiction

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