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Arana's Visitor

Book 1 of the Vadelah Chronicles

How would you really respond if you met a space alien?


Arana's Visitor Cover

David Decker is stunned.

Driven by his Christian compassion, he has just rescued a marooned space alien, but the alien’s mere existence threatens to shatter David’s worldview. How can he reconcile the two?

When David learns the truth, it will astound him.

But David has other troubles. Shadowy government forces are desperately trying to capture the alien. In his quest to follow his convictions, David must battle enemies-seen and unseen-and travel to incredible places he’s never imagined.

Arana's Visitor reconciles Christianity with science fiction.Book 1 of The Vadelah Chronicles

Arana's Visitor (Book 1)

science fiction genre

Will David Decker’s faith grow stronger or shatter like glass when he encounters an alien culture?

fantasy & science fiction

Is the truth "out there" or already within him?

Readers of  fantasy & science fiction will enjoy this fast-paced adventure.

Arana's Visitor isn’t about proving the existence of space aliens anymore than fairy tales are about proving the existence of fairies. But, like many good writers, she takes truth and dresses it up in another culture, on another planet for people to rediscover afresh.

Rollins combines her uncompromising Christian faith with her creative imagination and delivers a work that will inspire and delight. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read in fantasy & science fiction. So set your preconceptions aside, hang on, and get ready for a wild ride!

Price: $ 10.95
  S&H:   $   3.95

Length: 277 pages
Age: Youth to Adult

ISBN 1-55306-960-9


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Arana's Visitor is Fantasy & Science Fiction, Julie Rollins Style

The sequel to Arana's Visitor is Vashua's Messenger


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